Thursday, April 8, 2010

More girly woolies 8th April 2010

Prices dont inc postage.  Postage using prepaid sachels and registered post.

Pink Soaker Small - Super soft, knitted by Kelly (Tangled Yarns) - $5
rise 43cm
Hips 42cm
Felted through the crotch

Cream longies with feet - Woollybottoms Footies. 
rise 38cm
Hips 48cm
Great condition, very soft - see below link for more info:


Dark Pink Shorties
hips 58cm
Rise 42cm

Blue longies largish
hips 58cm
rise 40cm
inseam 22cm

Can put a pink crochet cord in to make them look more girly.  Great for a generic pair of longies, to go with any top! (I wish I had a pair like this when mine were in nappies!)


Luxe Baby soaker M/L - photo is a little wonky, sorry.
Lovely and trim little soakers.  Great for under clothes.
$10 each

Pink yellow and turquoise soaker skirt small
rise 40cm
hips 42cm
as new!  12ply BFL super soft!
$15 SOLD

white, red and green soaker shirt small
rise 40cm
hpis 42cm
as new 12ply organic merino super soft!  Bought from Hyena Cart. 
$15 SOLD

NB crochet soaker
hips 40cm
rise 40cm
these are ace for a NB, as they are high in the rise!

Pink etc soaker
rise 41cm
hips 48cm
Totally adorable soaker - my favourite! - felted in the crotch

Rainbow longies
hips 48cm
rise 42cm
these would be great for a pair of play group longies, or around the house.  Slightly felted.  $5 SOLD

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